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Teach a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

by: Carrie
from: Potosi, Missouri
Submitted: 03/24/2011
The old adage is that it's better to teach a man to fish than to just giving him the fish. The premise is that if you teach him, he will be able to feed himself. If you just give him the fish, he's dependent on you to feed him. I like to think that story could be applied to today's world. With the cost of food soaring and the prevalence of pesticides and other less-than-desirable pollutants on store bought fruits and veggies, wouldn't it be nice to just grow your own? Some people lack the initiative to do this, others just lack the knowledge. Seed packets are, perhaps, the best investment you will ever make.

What would I do with $1000? I would use it to hold a "seminar" at the local community center. I would gather some very knowledgeable friends, many of whom have vast experience in gardening and agriculture, and ask them to speak as well. It wouldn't be boring. I'd make it fun for kids and adults. We would give every adult attendee a gift bag with multiple basic veggie packets. It wouldn't end there, though. You can't just teach people to grow it and leave them hanging. We would teach, in a second session, how to can and preserve the food they grow for use later in the year, when things are "leaner". It's important to me that people take more initiative to be self sufficient. It also fosters a sense of pride to know that you are able to feed your family.
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